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Head Coach
Founder, Coach

Competing at an elite level and coaching runners for over 15 years, Vlad combines experience and an in depth knowledge of running with his passion to help runners strive to achieve something otherwise possibly out of their reach. Best said by his favourite Runlab quote “Achieveyourimpossible”

With over 15 years of coaching experience and competing at the highest levels in both Triathlon and Distance road and trailrunning Vlad is a professional runner and member of Team Solomon who created Runlab and delivers leading training methodologies to his team and the Athletes that are the runners of Runlab.

Vlad continues to be at the forefront of all things running (more…)


Peter Schokman aka ‘Schokers’ is a professional Triathlete, competing in Half Ironmans and Ironman’s on the international circuit. He’s been racing at an elite level since 2006. Peter enjoys racing and always looking to out perform his previous race.

He has a great deal of experience and knowledge in training and racing Triathlons, and Running races.

Started out as a runner in his younger years. Then had a break for a number of years. Then decided to take up Triathlons in 2003. Like everyone saw this as a great way to become fit and healthy.

He is highly motivated and passionate about coaching. Coached a number of Triathletes over the years, likes sharing all his experience and knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

Peter’s Highlight

  • Sub 70mins Half Marathon
  • Won a number of Half Ironman’s
  • Run 72mins off the bike in a Half Ironman
  • Helped a number of Triathletes achieve PBs.
  • Age group athletes qualify for the Ironman world championships in Kona

Running is a big part of my family and has been since my dad was a teenager, running sub 2 minute 800 metres off no training, apart from chasing animals on the farm. Needless to say this impressive off the couch performance didn’t last but my father is definitely still running extremely well, with a 79 minute half marathon in 2019 at the age of 58.

David is however not the only one, my mother has very recently taken up running again after losing interest in the pool, my sister despite playing premiership level touch football still manages near 4 minute kms for races and my brother just managed 4th place in the UTA’s 50km Ultra Marathon. So I guess you could say I have a lot to compete with, but nothing has made me more excited than watching my family getting back into the sport I have loved and also admittedly hated for such a long time. (more…)


Growing up in a family heavily involved in a range of different sports, I was always destined to be apart of the health and fitness industry. My Grandfather won three premierships with the Melbourne Demons and my father and two brothers were passionate about rugby union.

I lived next to an empty block of land which was our football field in the winter and cricket pitch in summer. Although rugby was the sport I always aspired to the most. I played for fourteen years until I began my career as a personal trainer at Vision Personal Training in Neutral Bay, Sydney. (more…)


I was always in to sport as a kid. I grew up in Orange where my 3 siblings and I would basically just try to fit as many sporting endeavours into our week as we could. Whether that was team sports like soccer, swimming training 4 or 5 times a week, or just spending hours shooting baskets on the driveway. It was all about moving and having fun. Through my teenage years Softball was the main one with lots of travel to Sydney and around Aus to play at a national and world level. I moved to Newcastle to study PDHPE teaching at uni and fell in love with how active Newy people are. I’m currently a high school Science teacher, qualified in both Science and PDHPE. (more…)

Coach – Young Gunz & Super Staff Member

Running for me is all about staying fit and healthy and being able to share my passion for running events with the amazing group of people this has allowed me to form friendships and socialise with. I’m also involved in the daily operational activities with Runlab whilst maintaining my regular employment


Scotty is a determined and passionate coach, having joined Runlab 4 years ago as an athlete and has spent the past 2 years coaching the Lake Macquarie and trail groups. Scott specialises in trail and ultra running while training with the Runlab Elite Hunter running group.

“I enjoy coaching the Monday group because it’s the first group of the week, and I get to be the first to hear about everyone’s adventures and races from the weekend when they’re still on a high from their achievement, and that’s a really motivating way to start the week.” (more…)