Do you want the industry leading Trail running sessions to make you the best you can be on the Trails? Are you prepared to be challenged and ultimately improve?


Do you want the industry-leading Interval Running Sessions to make you the best you can be on the Trails? Are you prepared to be challenged and ultimately improve? Well we have this for you MYTRAILGROUP. Off-road results guaranteed!

Training with RUNLAB you train like an Athlete! The sessions, the structure and ethos set you apart as a runner when you train with us. Accredited Athlete and Coach Vlad Shatrov have developed the industry leading training framework that is RUNLAB and we continue to push the boundaries with and for you.

We understand what it takes to be able to improve your trail running and take it to the next level. That’s why we have MYTRAILGROUP. MYTRAILGROUP is not only an Interval training session but also an education on running, carefully structured and delivered professionally, by our passionate coaches. Runlab is at the forefront of developing and delivering the specific type of training that trail running requires.

We totally get that running those harder sessions by yourself can be difficult. Even those at the top of their chosen profession find that if they really want to improve and be challenged, a group environment is a huge advantage.

Trail running is unique and places additional demands on the body. Trail running events on average take longer than road running events to complete, include significant elevation gains and losses (up and down hills), cover challenging and multiple terrains and often require you to run with a lot more lateral directional movements. Additionally different technical/mandatory gear is often required.  Add to this the additional mental demand, due to the lack of spectator support and the amount of time running solo and this means that to be best prepared for trail running events, specific training is a must.

MYTRAILGROUP is a weekly dynamic interval based running workout, which goes for between 75-90 minutes, depending on which session you attend. The sessions follow a carefully planned and structured sequence of strength movements together with repetitions, alternating between strength or speed specific sets. Interval sessions are an excellent way of improving fitness, endurance and ultimately speed.

In a relatively short session, as compared to your possible next event, we run our sessions to overload necessary muscles by combining strength exercises with intervals. No session is the same but we alternate between a “Strength based”(such a Stair or Hill specific intervals) and “Speed based”(Such as flowing single track or Fire trail intervals) session throughout our Term. All elements of trail running are practiced including up and down hill running, stair running, sand running, technical and smooth free flowing track and fire trails.

Its fact that you simply cannot continue to improve just by running further every week. Longer runs are necessary for fitness and that has a place in a runners training week, being run at a lower pace. At MYTRAILGROUP we focus on the V02 Max and Tempo paces which are also necessary.

We accommodate different standards of runners and runners of varying running history within the same session by splitting the group into A, B and C levels. Sessions are structured so that different levels of runners can complete the same session with slight modifications of distance and time, ensuring you are training at the level that will get you results faster.

Most of our groups take all levels of runners being A, B and C level runners. We also accommodate pro level runners in our ELITE running sessions.

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