Scotty is a determined and passionate coach, having joined Runlab 4 years ago as an athlete and has spent the past 2 years coaching the Lake Macquarie and trail groups. Scott specialises in trail and ultra running while training with the Runlab Elite Hunter running group.

“I enjoy coaching the Monday group because it’s the first group of the week, and I get to be the first to hear about everyone’s adventures and races from the weekend when they’re still on a high from their achievement, and that’s a really motivating way to start the week.”

“At school I got involved with as many sports teams as I could; cricket, soccer, basketball, netball, touch football and played competitive field hockey and was part of the Northern Inland Academy of Sport team. I started “running” as a sport in 2014 after moving to Newcastle and having my arm twisted to enter a 50k trail race, I love being outdoors so trail running seemed like a great way to get out and explore areas of the Hunter region I hadn’t visited and I’ve been hooked since. What started as a bit of a challenge has turned into years of training and travel taking me to parts of the world I would never have visited otherwise and I hope I can encourage other people to get out and have their own adventures.”

Scotty’s Highlights

  • Ultra-Trail Australia 50k 2019 – 10th place (4h48m)
  • Great North Walk 100k 2016 – 2nd place
  • Buffalo Stampede Ultra 2017 – 4th place
  • Great Southern Endurance Run (112 miles) 2017 (40h55m)
  • Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • After a great start to 2019, Scott is looking to continue this training into the Hounslow Classic Ultra and onwards to the 2020 Buffalo Stampede.