Growing up in a family heavily involved in a range of different sports, I was always destined to be apart of the health and fitness industry. My Grandfather won three premierships with the Melbourne Demons and my father and two brothers were passionate about rugby union.

I lived next to an empty block of land which was our football field in the winter and cricket pitch in summer. Although rugby was the sport I always aspired to the most. I played for fourteen years until I began my career as a personal trainer at Vision Personal Training in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

It was here that I found a new interest for running. I was getting too old and fragile to play rugby after a host of injuries and everyone who I worked and trained with were right into their running and endurance so It was just something I originally went along with.

What I loved about running was the challenge. I ran my first 10km fun run in 54 minutes and couldn’t walk for days. It made me realise what my role as a personal trainer was all about. There were people in their 60s who ran faster than me that day. I walked away thinking how can I possibly inspire and motivate others when I still need to work on my weaknesses. So that’s what I did.

It took me over 2 hours and 20 minutes to run my first half marathon at a pumped up 93kg. All of a sudden, being outside my comfort zone of the gym put things into perspective and I needed to work hard on my fitness.

Fast forward seven years and I ran my fastest half marathon at the Gold Coast in 86 mins at a much slender 81kg. The following year I ran my fastest City to surf in 56 minutes. I also ran my fastest 10km in 38:55 in the same year.

I have been blessed with a life surrounded by amazing family, coaches and friends. I am now also blessed with the opportunity to give so much back to the community. As a coach, we all have our goals and aspirations but nothing means anything if the members of our community aren’t getting results.

I have goals to run a sub 3 hour Gold Coast marathon and to take on my first UTA 50km in 2020. However, most importantly I have a goal to help as many people as I can in the quest to achieve their personal best.