I was always in to sport as a kid. I grew up in Orange where my 3 siblings and I would basically just try to fit as many sporting endeavours into our week as we could. Whether that was team sports like soccer, swimming training 4 or 5 times a week, or just spending hours shooting baskets on the driveway. It was all about moving and having fun. Through my teenage years Softball was the main one with lots of travel to Sydney and around Aus to play at a national and world level. I moved to Newcastle to study PDHPE teaching at uni and fell in love with how active Newy people are. I’m currently a high school Science teacher, qualified in both Science and PDHPE.

I’ve been a natural runner all my life and always enjoyed running. It wasn’t really pursued properly until my mid to late 20’s when I started entering a few fun runs and joined RunLab. The bug was caught and I just wanted to do more and more, enjoying the challenge of PB’s and noticing improvement. I was just before this time that my older brother passed away. I didn’t really notice at first but I think running became a really helpful tool in dealing with grief and continuing to give me a direction and purpose. It still acts as a meditation for me, especially on a trail run getting lost in the bush. My wife and I love to get away on little camping trips in our van where we can enjoy the sand, sun and most definitely some quality runs through the Aussie wilderness.

The start of 2015 saw me transition into a coaching role for Runlab and I now have the opportunity to help others to realise and achieve their running goals. It is a truly rewarding experience to coach all of the wonderful athletes that make up the Runlab family and I do it because I love running and I want to see others get that same joy from it. I consistently get told from the athletes that there is no way they would be training as hard if they had to try and do these sessions on their own. Plus it is so great to be surrounded by so many like-minded people.

I’ve had a quiet few years on the racing front and I’ve just come through 6 months of no exercise with an injury and a surgery. The motivation is now at an all time high as I get back into full training and chase some marathon results at the end of 2019 and transition that into some quality performances on the trail in early 2020.