UpnAdam Performance Training, RUNSTRONG Coach & Developer

Adam Clarke

ADAM is the founder of Up and Adam Performance training and has been training clients for over 15 years based out of Newcastle. Adams experience competing at an Elite level as an AFL player and runner is the perfect addition to the RUNLAB brand when it comes to Strength & Conditioning.

Adam Clarke is Personal Trainer with 15years Industry experience. Adam is the owner /operator of Upnadam Performance and co-creator of the Runlab Runstrong program, delivering this session from his studio in Newcastle on a weekly basis. Adam is also an integral part of the Runlab “Mytrailgroup” offering and works closely with Vlad to ensure that the sessions that have been developed have the required Strength & Conditioning components included to both prepare and improve runners targeting the unique and challenging demands of trail running.
Through High level Sports (Basketball & AFL playing career) “I developed a passion for fitness along with required qualities of hard work, teamwork, culture and determination together with a healthy competitive spirit that has become my life and much more than just my chosen profession as a Personal Trainer”.
“I spend my days helping people realise their full potential through the various training varieties and skills I have learnt and adapted over the years, from Athletes to the Elderly, I love coming up with the right plans and movements to see people do what they didn’t think was possible”.
Since finishing with sport Adam have developed an addiction to Running in all forms from Ultra right down to the shorter stuff. “I have had the opportunity to compete in some amazing races both here and abroad” and I lead an annual group to complete the challenging Shotover Moonlight Marathon in New Zealand every February.

From these experiences and my drive to get the best out of myself I have drawn from this passion into developing with Vlad the Runstrong program to help others achieve their impossible.

Besides training and training people, I love nothing more than spending time with my young family, enjoying the outdoors and watching sport of any type!!!

In 2017 Adam plans to complete the UTA 100 Blue Mountains with a top 15 finish and continue to help people understand the importance of strength training for runners and from that watch them achieve amazing results from the process.

Coach Sydney


Peter Schokman aka ‘Schokers’ is a professional Triathlete, competing in Half Ironmans and Ironmans on the international circuit. Being racing at an elite level since 2006. Enjoys racing and always looking to out perform his previous race.
He has a great deal of experience and knowledge in training and racing Triathlons, and Running races.
Started out as a runner in his younger years. Then had a break for a number of years. Then decided to take up Triathlons in 2003. Like everyone saw this as a great way to become fit and healthy.
He is highly motivated and passionate about coacing. Coached a number of Triathletes over the years, likes sharing all his experience and knowledge to help others achieve their goals.
– Sub 70mins Half Marathon
– Won a number of Half Ironmans
– Run 72mins off the bike in a Half Ironman
– Helped a number of Triathletes achieve PBs.
– Age group athletes qualify for the Ironman world championships in Kona
Coach – Young Gunz & Super Staff Member


Running for me is all about staying fit and healthy and being able to share my passion for running events with the amazing group of people this has allowed me to form friendships and socialise with. I’m also involved in the daily operational activities with Runlab whilst maintaining my regular employment

I have been running for many years to both keep myself fit and healthy and socialise with all the fantastic friends I have met through running. Almost every morning I will be out and about running through the stunning Newcastle scenery, where I have lived my entire life.
Whilst not entirely competitive, I like to race and challenge myself and have completed numerous running events ranging from 5km races all the way to Ultra Marathons. Personally I have had my own challenges with Cancer in the past and running has been a large part of enabling me to regain my fitness and health after some time off, in fact Vlad and I met when I competed in my first race supporting a cancer charity in the 2012 City2Surf.

Since meeting Vlad I have become heavily involved in Runlab and do a lot of work behind the scenes so we can continue to deliver our exceptional offering that is Runlab to all our wonderful runners. Occasionally I coach Newcastle Young Guns group together with Vlad. This is extremely rewarding.

In 2017 Cheryl will complete the Ultra Marathon (UTA 50) together with a road Marathon (NYC Marathon) in November.

Coach Maitland + Jesmond

Justin Brock

Justin has proved himself as a valued member of the Runlab team. We look forward to seeing him continue to coach and to improve his own running. Not only does he lead by example at the sessions he regularly coaches, he really cares for the runners and their goals and is also regularly seen supporting and taking part in many a weekend as a competitor or supporter. Justin also trains with the Runlab Elite Hunter running group.

Having represented my School at a regional and state level for Athletics and Cross Country running I have always loved to run. Some of my fondest childhood memories are the regular weekend trail runs that I would go on with my father and brother. This is where my passion for Ultra Trail Marathons was born.
Life and family took over for a long time and it has only been the last several years that I have gotten back to running. Getting back in to running again, I was everything that a runner should not be. I was over weight, had no physical stamina and had just let myself go in general. None of this was helped by my unhealthy lifestyle but I was determined to regain my fitness.
So here’s the proof that it’s never too late. I started with quitting smoking and started running again. At first it was extremely difficult to run after all those years of sitting around and abusing my body. However I persisted and it wasn’t to long before I could once again get through a 5km run without stopping. So my wife convinced me to join her in a fun run. The race atmosphere completely reignited a spark in me, not just to run but to get better. Then Park run came to our region and I found myself regularly attending it, and other fun runs, however I found I was getting more pleasure out of helping other people along the course and assisting them with motivation and watching them achieving new personal bests. Watching people get better and achieve their goals was something I knew I wanted to experience more of.

I noticed one of my friends wearing a Runlab singlet and it had written across the back “achieve your impossible” I was intrigued so I inquired, because at that point my running had hit a wall. No matter what I did, I could not get any faster nor increase my stamina over the longer distances that I wanted to run. Next thing I was signed up to my first term of Myrungroup with Runlab, immediately I was seeing results and benefits in my running. In a very short time I had taken not seconds but minutes off my 5km time as well as my strength and stamina was increasing. Two terms into Runlab and I was truly achieving my impossible I had gone from consistently running 4hr 15min to 4hr 30min marathons all the way down to a 3hr 31min marathon. Never did I think I could run a sub 4hr marathon but thanks to Runlab it was achieved.

In the last few years I have completed several Marathons, half marathons Six foot track Ultra marathon, the North Face 50 twice and the North Face 100km as well each time setting new PB’s and now also a sub 19min park run as well. With the help of Runlab I still am getting quicker and more efficient, and now to join the team as a Runlab coach, and to be able to help others achieve their impossible is one of my greatest accomplishments. I look forward to sharing my experiences and helping other benefit from the Runlab program as I have.  Already I have had the benefit of some of the runlabber’s that I coach achieve new PB’s and goals they thought weren’t possible and the feeling of pride and satisfaction I gain from that is my drive to constantly improve myself through Runlab and to pass that on to as many Runlabber’s as possible.

In 2017 Justin will attempt a sub 3-hour Marathon.

Coach – Maitland, Jesmond, Lake Mac

Renae Brock

Renae is not only an awesome role model for the running community in general but also our Runlabbers in the Hunter groups. Mainly taking the Maitland and Lambton groups, Renae really does understand a runners individual needs and will make any runner feel comfortable in their ability to improve and excel.

I started running about 10 years ago as a way to take some time out from my young family. In 2008, I ran my first race – City 2 Surf – and was immediately hooked on the race atmosphere.

I merrily ran mid pack for a few years, making improvements in times and increasing distances along the way.

In 2010, I ran my first marathon (4 hours 23 minutes in torrential rain), and swore I’d never do anything so stupid again. 12 months later, I was on the start line of the same marathon again – never say never!

In 2013 I ran in the inaugural TNF 50 (now UTA) and again swore I’d never do that again. I’ve since run the 50 again, the 100 twice and will line up for the 100 again this year with my eye on a 100 miler later in the year. I’ve now stopped swearing off events – clearly it doesn’t work!

I started attending Runlab in 2014 and immediately saw results. I stepped into a support coach role late in 2015, transitioning into a formal coach role in 2016.

My coaching ability comes from my own experiences as a runner. I’m not elite, I’ll never be exceptional, but I understand the battles, struggles and feelings of aspiring runners, and that makes me relatable and approachable.

In 2016, I ran in 13 marathons and ultras, ending up on the podium for 7 – not bad for someone that quit running after her first marathon!

In 2017 Renae will complete the 6-foot track Marathon and UTA 100 aiming for sub 16 hours. Later in the year the GNW 100 Miler awaits.


Mitch Turner

Mitch is a great addition to our team. Not only himself an exceptional athlete but a very friendly energetic individual who brings that spark along to every session. Combined this makes him an excellent Runlab coach who is able to lead and demonstrate with experience and passion. Justin also trains with the Runlab Elite Hunter running group.

I have always played sport throughout my life. My childhood was spent playing organised sports such as soccer, softball, touch football and a lot of early mornings in the pool swimming. Having two brothers and a sister who loved sport as much as I do meant that there was always a game of something in the backyard also. This led to sport and physical activity becoming one of the most important parts of my life When I was 17, 18 and 19 I represented NSW at the U23 Nationals for softball .I moved to Newcastle from Orange in 2008 to study PE Teaching at university and the need to work on weekends made continuing softball at a high level more difficult and I eventually stopped playing. Soccer continued in Newcastle and winning the Zone Premier League title in 2013 with Newcastle Uni FC has been a major highlight. I had always been fairly good at running throughout my life but didn’t start pursuing it as a sport until about halfway through 2013. Running quickly became a huge passion for me and the constant race against the clock and myself is something I hadn’t found in other sports.

I first joined Runlab as an athlete in early 2014 and quickly fell in love with it. It was a place where I could come and join a group of like-minded (crazy) people who liked to exhaust themselves, running in circles for an hour. The sessions were extremely beneficial as I would struggle to complete interval sessions on my own, and could turn up each week and be pushed to my personal limit and beyond and achieve some huge running goals of mine. The start of 2015 saw me transition into a coaching role for Runlab and I now have the opportunity to help others to realise and achieve their running goals. It is a truly rewarding experience to coach all of the wonderful athletes that make up the Runlab family and I do it because I love running and I want to see others get that same joy from it.

• Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
• Level 1 Soccer Coach
• Level 2 Softball Coach

In 2017 Mitch is looking to complete a longer distance Trail running event of between 20-30km as well as complete his first Marathon!



RUNYOGA Instructor @ Breaking Boundaries

Profile info coming soon…


Hailey Maxwell

Hailey Maxwell is passionate, motivating trainers who understands the busy demands of everyday life and thrives on helping people achieve their goals.

I started running in 2012 to lose weight, and had to be dragged to a run group by my best friend. I ran my first 5km, 10km, half, marathon, then an ultra and I was hooked. Running and helping people are my two passions; so run coaching is my dream job! Hailey recently gave up her busy corporate career to follow her dream of becoming a full time personal trainer and running coach. After completing her Certificate III & IV in Fitness in 2012 she started her own business and began training clients in her spare time, on top of her already busy working hours at a large accounting firm in Sydney’s CBD. After seeing great results with her PT clients, and faced with an increasing demand for her time to train new clients, she decided to take the leap and make her dream a reality.

In April 2015 Hailey began working as a full time personal trainer and running coach and trains her clients at Plus Fitness in Kareela. She says the “facilities allow her to train clients of any level in a safe and relaxed environment”. After many years of running events from 5km to ultra marathons, and after some studies in early 2015, Hailey is now a qualified running coach. So when she is not at the gym she can be found training clients at the local athletics tracks in the area.

Hailey also volunteers as a Fitness Ambassador for the UNSW Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) where she is championing healthy brain ageing by promoting healthy lifestyles from a young age. Through her running events she also raises funds for CHeBA’s dementia research and in 2014 she raised over $10,000.
From a young age Hailey has shown a love for sport, as she took part in Netball, Softball and Athletics during primary school. Hailey excelled in these sports and was selected to attend Westfields Sports High School as part of the Elite Netball Squad. During her time in high school she also played Basketball, Cycling, Touch Football and Athletics. Hailey represented New South Wales in Netball, Volleyball, and was selected for the Australian Schoolgirls Volleyball Team in 1998. Hailey also played State League Division 1 Netball for Penrith Panthers and was an integral part of the team.

Australian Institute of Fitness – Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Athletics Australia – Level 2 Recreational Running Coach

Major Running Events
The NorthFace 100km – 2014, 2015, 2016
Six Foot Track Marathon 45km – 2014, 2016
Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon (NZ) 42km – 2015
M7 Marathon 42km – 2013, 2014
City 2 Surf – 2008 to 2015
In 2017 Hailey is aiming to run a Marathon personal best on the Gold Coast and compete in a Crossfit competition.


Scotty Baker



Luca Perna

I’m 32 years old and I started running12 years ago after my swimming career. I ran my first race in 2006, a half marathon (1h 54minutes), then I discovered triathlon especially the long distance. In 10 years I have done 4 marathons (best time is 3h 5minutes, Florence 2014), 2 Ironman (best time is 10h 37minutes in klagenfurt, Austria,2014) and many half marathons and ironman 70.3.

I like the long distance and I’m specialised in these distances. In 2017 I will run the SMH Half in May and the Gold Coast and Sydney
Marathons targeting a PB!


Lucas McBeath

Lucas McBeath is a highly educated and talented athlete, and Runlab Coach in Newcastle. Together with this Lucas is also the Founder of Bodymine recovery clinic. This makes Lucas a valued and respected member of the Runlab coaching staff. Justin also trains with the Runlab Elite Hunter running group.

“My qualifications include a Certificate IV and Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage, a Bachelors in PDHPE Teaching, Certificate 3 in Personal Training, Level 1 in Strength and Conditioning” together with that  “I am currently studying towards a Bachelors in Physiotherapy. These qualifications combined with my personal background at an accomplished athlete across a wide range of sports; Rowing, Rugby Union, Strength and Conditioning, Running and Triathlon have allowed me to develop a deep depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body”.
In 2017 Lucas plans to complete the Cairns Ironman whilst remaining pain and injury free!