We understand what it takes to be able to help junior runners improve and maintain their enthusiasm for running activities that’s why we have YOUNG GUNS. Our YOUNG GUNS sessions incorporate elements of Interval training together with agility and technique drills and some strength and conditioning work to help younger runners improve. More than that we place an emphasis on educating young runners in a fun and relaxed environment. Sessions are carefully built and structured by Elite runner Vlad Shatrov and delivered professionally.

Expressions of interest now open for Term 2 2018!

“For me, Terms 2 and 3 are the most important for young runners”. We realise that some runners come for fun and fitness and others come for improvement to compete. Whatever your aim, my team will help your YoungGuns achieve this. – Vlad Shatrov 

So please consider giving your runners the chance to advance their running skills in a relaxed and caring environment. They wont be disappointed. There is an option to Train once or twice weekly.

We Run a 10 Week Term.

$149 per Term for 1 Weekly Class (you can then double up ie do Tuesday and Thursday for only an additional $49

Pass this onto your friends – so we can tell them when the TERM opens (It will be on the 9th April) with Term starting 23rd April)

Preferred Session (required)
Tues 4pmThurs 4pm