Winter Sessions is almost here… in FACT we are starting on SUNDAY 14th June.


After working within the current restrictions, with our current On demand Term almost finished AND after that another 5 weeks until Term 3 officially starts, this is our plan for Physical and Online classes. Firstly thank-you to all of you that joined this Term and well done on your journey to date. The Runlab model will always offer online sessions in the future in addition to our on the grounds groups.

INTRODUCING winter sessions. From Sunday 14th June we will run a block of 4 weeks called Winter sessions. There will then be a 1 Week break before a 10 week Term 3 starts.

Physical sessions include

SYDNEY Monday 6pm Domain (9) MRG and Thursday 5:45am Maroubra (9) MTG (reminder MTG is a trailrunning style session)

HUNTER Monday 5:30pm Lake Mac MRG (9), Tuesday 5:30am Merewether MRG (18) and Thursday 5:30pm MTG Newcastle (18) and Wednesday Runstrong 6pm The concept Gym.(18) Thursday 4pm Young Guns (18).

We are still only able to run outside in groups of 10, so including a Coach, we are limited to 9. For the larger groups we will split into 2 groups!

The number in brackets is how many physical spots we can have. We will setup Mindbody so that the classes are capped at this amount when you enter. So once its full sorry 😐

The sessions will be slightly longer, slightly different and unique than our regular sessions keeping you motivated and excited.

Once you enter the Online session option or the Combo session option (if you are doing some physical running sessions with us) you will be invited into a private facebook group and have access to all our Lives and be able to interact with us and your fellow runners

Online sessions only will give you the opportunity to get the sessions we run at physical groups via a private facebook group, and 2 LIVE zoom sessions a week which you can do at the scheduled time or later in the week when it suits you, you also get a Weekly Run recovery session. The schedule of the ZOOMs will be Sunday pm Coaches Check and Wednesday pm Runstrong.


1.Go to and select sessions OR go direct to Mindbody and  login then go to onlinestore/services/winter sessions

2. Purchase your chosen bundles AND use the credits to book into a class – if you have issues email or


Physical sessions – 1/2/3 per week is $30/$45/$55 (there will be 4 week passes for all the options – NO Casuals unless we can open spots as restrictions change). So you need to commit to the 4 weeks.

Online Only ($99 for 4 Weeks) and includes detailed run sessions 2 LIVES (1 Runstrong/1 Coaches check in and we will also give a Run recovery set)

COMBO For those of you that do 1/2/3 physical sessions a week but also want the access to Runstrong/Coaches Check in and a run recovery AND to remain in a private Facebook group that will only be $50 for you for the Month. We really hope you choose to do this in addition to a physical session if thats the model you are able to take up.

There will be an additional Saturday session in Sydney at the end of Week 2 and the Hunter at the end of Week 4 – entered separately closer to the date.