2021 was definitely another unique year for our runners and coaches alike, yet Im both incredibly proud and optimistic as we approach 2022. On a Coaching front, we continue to have a strong team of coaches supporting our team onground and online – yep, a lot of people dont know about that.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020 – we could only offer coaching online, like many businesses we ran zoom sessions to support educate and engage runners. We decided to continue this is 2021 and it will now remain. This allows meĀ  and my team to offer education and support and coaching to both Runlab and Protrailrunner clients. This was also critical in getting our runners through another lockdown as we jumped online every Sunday at 4pm throughout Winter and into Spring. So in 2022 this will continue – not always on Sunday, but always weekly with a set schedule to be available shortly, to our Term runners just prior Term 1 commencing.

So whilst we had another challenging year of many restrictions and few events, due to an incredibly talented and thoughtful team of Coaches and a passionate and determined group of special runners, we continued to be able to deliver quality coaching in physical and onground sessions.

2022 will start off with two huge supersessions with about 50 runners at each session. We will run 3 weeks of limited sessions also commencing 9th January, before a new Term 1 starts on the 31st January. The focus of Term 1 is “Prepare” sessions are designed to improve runners endurance adaptions for races later in the year and our online weekly Athlete zoom sessions will support this.

Other exciting additions will be the return of Runcamps, new Coaches in Newcastle and Sydney allowing us to offer all our current sessions and some more, whilst we will still zoom strength with Kat in Brissy and Yoga with Kim in Newy! Runlab rotation is another addition of ours. We will take a term of 10 weeks of sessions in four new locations to offer runners an opportunity to take part in our exciting offering, starting with Nelsons Bay.

So whilst it was an incredibly testing year, its now exciting that we will be able to spread our wings a little more with you and of course the new runners that will join us in 2022. Thanks to our awesome 2022 Coaches Katherine, Benn, Andrew, Louis, Mitch, Kim that supported me and of course Chez for your much appreciated and invaluable contribution to the engine room of Runlab.

To those of you that put into my Christmas present – I truly appreciate that Ill now be running with Power :). All you guys rock, nothing makes me happier than coaching a session or touching base with you and seeing your results which mean so much to you, not only physically but also mentally. See you on the trails in 2022!