Want early access to 2024 sessions?

Try a Runlab class as a casual visit to start your journey now!

If you are serious about wanting to take your running further waiting for the new year to click over is really only delaying you reaching your goals sooner. Meet the Coaches, your team members, see how we train and how you will benefit – get into the rhythm now rather than waiting another week and saying, I really should start training.

Try a session for $30! Simply fill out the form and we will send you the login link to purchase your pass. Sessions that this can be used for include


Mondays 6pm – TRAILRUNNING


Monday and Wednesday 5:45pm RUNSTRONG Highfields

Tuesday 5:45am or 5:45pm INTERVALS Merewether or Warners Bay

Thursday 6pm TRAILRUNNING Glenrock

Special offer:
Get a FREE $50 Lebent voucher if you purchase and attend a one off casual class before 2024. This offer is valid for any runners that havent purchased a Term pass in the last 6 months. New or returning all welcome