I started running in 2016, with the aim to maintain strength and fitness over summer to support my winter addiction of ski touring and mountaineering.

Then I entered a half marathon, then a full marathon, then another and another. Two years later, in 2018, I was looking to improve my marathon time.

Runlab was the only training group that had an all encompassing offering, with gym sessions, run training, and tailored programs.

Since joining, I’ve completed 5 Marathons, joined the sub 3 hour marathon club at the Blackmores Sydney Marathon, and smashed the Six Foot Track Marathon in 4 hours 18 minutes.

The team at Runlab is very supportive and encouraging with my running and development, I owe my improvements to their guidance and knowledge.

Training with Runlab has also introduced me to a great group of like-minded runners, with whom schemes for weekends on the trails arise, and shouts of encouragement can be heard at events.
I’m aiming to reduce my marathon PB to the low 2hr 50mins, and I’ll have another crack at it in a few months, after that? Who knows, maybe I try one of these ultra races!