Maintain your gains and be setup for Term 4!

Hi there runners! We are running right through the Term break, because right now more than ever, we need eachother to best maintain our training! So this is what we have setup for the 2 weeks before Term 4.

Sessions have been tailored to allow for a recharge after a solid Term 3. The running sessions will be tailored to build on your endurance base to propel you into a dynamic Term 4. This is perfect for all Term 3 runners and those new or returning to best set you up for Term 4. Especially for those Trail runners now targeting major events like Tarawera, Uta etc. The running treats cooking zoom is the ideal complement included in the cost.

NOTE: If you were not in Term 3 – Registration prior to this Sunday is highly encouraged to avoid missing the

Interactive sessions: Strength:Trail:Road:Recovery:Recovery:Check-in + Cook!

  1. Two weekly run sessions provided for Trail and Road running FOCUS – These will also be offered via zoom so you can run with the Coaches. We will run a LIVE run on a Tuesday and a Thursday
  2. Two weekly strength sessions via ZOOM
  3. One weekly recovery session
  4. One weekly Athletes Check in on the weekend.


On Sunday 26th @4pm professional Chef Corryne Parkhill will join us for a live zoom teaching us how to cook, Peanut butter no bake bar ,Hazelnut and tahini cookies,Lime and date bliss balls , Baked granola bar. These recipes are specifically designed to assist with fuel and recovery. PDF’s of the recipes will be provided to you and one of the recipes will be provided earlier so we can cook them realtime from home with Corryne.

Cost of the 2 weeks.





Please go here and login to mindbody OR setup your profile for new runners. Then select Online Store/services/Term Break and select the relevant pass. AND for new runners or those who didnt complete Term 3 – request to join this page to get all the updates and invitesĀ 

If you need to get in touch prior to entry, please fill add your details below.