Term 3 entries open – Your ticket to improved running. Will you grab the opportunity. A summary of new offerings all contained here.


Term 3 is open right now! Commencing from Monday 20th July, we will commence the next 10 week block of Runlab training “RLX10.3 #Game time”.

STEP 1 – Choose your type of group

STEP 2 – Choose your group location/s

STEP 3 – Enter prior to term 3 commencing

STEP 4 – Arrive to session 1, 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled session time to check in. Post session receive your Term goodies and your exclusive members card*



New Locations – We have an ever increasing number of locations. This means that even if you normally attend say “myrungroup Cronulla” on a Monday, if for some reason you need to change it for that week – no problems just attend another group or do two groups the following week.


Members Card – We know that you cannot just run without having a network to support you. New to Term 3 – you will receive a members card, unique and valid for that Term. When you go into any of our fantastic partners upon showing the card you will receive your exclusive benefits.


Furthermore SKINS and ASICS will run a members only sale during the Term giving you VIP sale prices.


In Term 3 – we call it the runners term. If you have been training consistently all year then this is almost certainly the time of the year you will shortly have a goal race or two to complete. If your just starting with us, that’s absolutely fine too., expect to see rapid improvements. In Term 2


  • Athletes that did both TT’s averaged 22 seconds improvement from TT1 to TT2.
  • Biggest improvement was 1:38
  • Avg time in TT1 was 13:13
  • Avg time in TT2 was 12:42
  • Fastest Male 9:32
  • Fastest Female 11:04

In this runners term we have introduced the 1 Mile Time trial! In week 2, all runners will complete as part of their session a 1 Mile time trial. This will be exciting and likely one of the only times you have ever done this distance. In Week 10 we will do the 1 mile time trial again – as part of the Super sessions. At the super session Term awards, fastest Male/female awards and coaches awards are given. Our sponsors provide you with up to 6 $350 prize packs per super session! The Super session is a unique opportunity for all groups to come together and run at 3 locations only in that final week.

The actual sessions in Term 3, whilst interval based. Will have more emphasis on race preparation and therefore shorter repetitions amongst other small changes.

Your feedback was invaluable hence we have all the new sessions added and some small changes. This includes