Are you ready to set up your running year in 2022?

Before the start of Term 1, from the 8th of January 2022 – we will be running sessions in multiple locations with options for runners to attend sessions for 3 weeks.

This is an important time to build on your running fitness or kick-off your 2022 of running. We will be running Strength – Trail and Interval sessions from Sydney to Newcastle. The schedule is coming shortly, but you can be first in-line by filling out this form.

We are running a series of sessions in the HUNTER and via ZOOM (for all locations) in the 3 weeks starting from the 10th January –


Pricing options are below


Login to your Mindbody account or create a profile – Then go to the header menu – Online store/Services/Summer sessions and you can select the product them book into your class. Please also request to join this private Facebook group too! 

OPEN NOW – Send us a message if you need more info