Our Supersessions are one of unique events. The aim is to run this is idyllic locations, offer exceptional training and create memories for our runners – Every Supersession is unique. Check this one out!

ENTRIES are OPEN NOW – This is OPEN to all runners including runners that done train regularly with RUNLAB

We have partnered up with the Tomaree Trail Running Festival to setup this Supersession!

All runners are welcome and you get these awesome inclusions

  • Session starts at Samurai Beach 7:30am, Saturday 31st August
  • Strict Limit of 40 – all entrants should be able to run 8km and currently run a minimum of 3 times a week.
  • BUS Option available return from Newcastle (20 Person Bus Limit)
  • All participants get 20% discount into the Tomaree Trail Running Festival
  • An awesome trail runners peak flip hat from Solomon for the first 30 entrants
  • A 2-3 part training session including the guided 8km trail run, dune strength training and technique tips
  • Hydration/Electrolytes for the session
  • Join the Coaching team for a coffee/meal (own cost) and have a chat to us all things running so we can answer any questions you have (At Fingal Cafe)

Join Vlad Shatrov (Salomon Athlete – Blackmores Running Festival Trainer – Runlab Founder) and his Runlab Coaches on a 3 hour training session which will develop you as a trail runner – challenge you and allow you to run the last (most technical and challenging) 8 kilometres of the upcoming race. Sand strength running training will be followed by running 8km into beautiful Fingal Bay, from here join Vlad and all your runners for a bite to eat giving you the chance to talk to the Coaches and learn the tips and tricks that could help you with your running journey.

Entries open in just over a Week but Please reserve your spot and tell us if you want in on the BUS. Some runners will catch the bus – others will self drive/car pool


To ENTER go HERE  login (or create an account) Scroll down to SUPERSESSION HUNTER and select one of the two options (Bus or No bus). We will be in touch as we get closer!