Justin Smith from Achieve Podiatry – has passed on this information that you all may be interested in taking part in.
General Info:
I’ve attached some info about the iRACER study for your below.
Who we are:
A team of clinicians and researchers from The University of Newcastle. Ben Peterson is a PhD student who is conducting the trial, under the supervision of A/Prof Vivienne Chuter.
What is the study: 
The study is titled ‘Injury Risk and its Association with Clinical Examination in Runners’ or ‘iRACER’ for short.
What we are doing:
Recruiting runners from Newcastle, Maitland, and the Central Coast to participate in a trial which is investigating clinical and biomechanical risk factors for the development of running-related injury in non-elite runners. Runners will be asked to complete a short survey, then attend a biomechanical assessment at a local clinic in Newcastle, Maitland, or the Central Coast. Runners will then be followed for a 12 month period to track the incidence of new running-related injuries.
The kinds of participants we are seeking: runners of any gender, aged 18 and over (there is no upper age-limit), who run two or more times per week, with one of those runs being 5km or greater in distance.
For more details and how to put yourself down for this study – get all the facts here