Saturday 3pm 25th Nov @ Breaking Boundaries

Come join us for a casual laid back social workshop. People ask me all the time What do I do, how do I train, what changes have I made to become a better long distance runner and more. So Ive decided to share with you an insight into the world of competitive running and the most important things any runner can do to run at their potential.

Perfect for beginners and serious runners. Vlad Shatrov (Runlab founder/Coach/Athlete) will share with you the 6 most important things you need to get on top of to perform at your best! This is targeted towards longer events and all runners are welcome!

There will be a representation from Vlads personal sponsors allowing you try out some of the products and accessories that allow Vlad to train and compete.

The session is FREE but we would love you to come along with a relaxed attitude and purchase a beverage or two as you listen in and absorb ahead of a big 2018! Alcohol, Coffee, Tea ……and more all available!

The topics covered

  • Nutrition
  • Training sessions Plan
  • Recovery
  • Your Mindset
  • How to train
  • Apparel

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