This is happening on the 30th September 2023 in Newcastle


Do you love running on Trails? Are you interested in getting advice, encouragement and support on topics including:

  • Whats the best way to get fitter, run further and prevent common running injuries
  • What are some of the most valuable lessons regarding nutrition for training and recovery
  • What gear is recommended for trail running

Ok, check this out. Coach and professional runner Vlad Shatrov and Personal trainer-Nutritionist and Adventure lover Nick Raymond have collaborated to deliver an interactive and educational workshop for those getting into trail running – keen to get into trail running in adventure and those wanting to step up their trail running to take on future events.

If you are like us, getting the right knowledge quickly is important. So we have put together this day of adventure to help kick start your journey on the trails. You will get to run , workout and take part in activities that will make you feel more confident to take your trail running to the next level. The specific structure of the day looks like this:

Kick-off 9:30am @the Concept Gym – George Street Highfields NSW

Trail run in Glenrock Reserve or Strength session for trail runners at the Concept (we will split into two groups and accomodate different levels of runners) so that whilst one group is running/the other is doing a Strength session before we Swap over. You will be introduced to tips, tricks and techniques that you can add into your training on the trails or in the gym.

Midday everyone returns to the gym and can get changed, have showers etc whilst spending the next 45 minutes sampling FIXX energy, listening to interactive talks from Vlad, Nick and Afhieve Podiatry and trying on and testing out the new Sense ride and Thundercross trailrunning shoes and running packs from Salomon.

Snack away as you listen to an insightful first time delivered talk from trail runner Vlad Shatrov focussing on the mindset strategies used to improve your training and racing before Nick Raymond gives you a an introduction into fuelling for adventure. We will then all make a Smoothie of choice with fresh fruit from The farmacy organics.

At about 2pm we wrap it up but will be on hand with experts for the next hour or so for anyone wanting to still get more advice and sample products.

All participants will receive a “This is trail running”¬† tee*! If entering after 10th September – shirt size cannot be gauranteed.

The cost is $100 and the numbers are strictly limited to 50 participants. Entries will open August 1st.

To ENTER GO HERE and login-sign up. Then go to STORE/SUPERSESSIONS and book the Trail running workshop.

Then GO HERE to nominate your preferred shirt size – please ensure you add your details to the correct tab.

If you habve other questions You can get in touch via the form below – participants will be emailed in the week before the event

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