We understand what it takes to be able to improve your trail running and take it to the next level, that’s why we have MYTRAILGROUP. Trail running, places added demands on the body, to be able to sustain your endurance over potentially extended periods across multiple types of terrain terrain. Trail running to your potential doesn’t just happen, you need to train for those specific required added demands and that’s why we run MYTRAILGROUP. MYTRAILGROUP is a weekly dynamic interval and strength based running workout, which runs for approximately 90 minutes. The sessions follow a carefully planned and structured sequence of form, trail running intervals and core work to allow participants to be challenged, motivated and ultimately improve by becoming faster, stronger and more aware runners. Although each weekly session during the term is unique it follows a specific structure including gradual warm-up, dynamic warm-up incorporating drills, interval trail running, core strengthening exercises and cool down. Specifically sessions include

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Key Skills/technique sequence set directly followed by a running interval (repeats)
  • Training on the types of terrain we are actually preparing you to race on including fire trails, single track flat and hilly sections, stairs, sand and more.


  • Specific strength movements to help improve efficiency, power, balance, skill on single track, down hills & descending plus getting the absolute strength for long vertical efforts.


  • We will use sand & water running methods, the world’s only animated load harness (ANKORR), weight vests, agility & core sequences which will improve your overall fitness capabilities and love of trails.
  • All sessions are scalable to the individuals needs so you get the most out of what we deliver.


Sessions will be categorised into the following 2 types of sessions


Aerobic/Endurance (STRENGTH) – Endurance, longer efforts, hill climbs and stair climbs

Anaerobic/Vo2 Max (SPEED) – Ascending + Descending, Stairs, Uneven surfaces, open trail, single trail


There will be 2 “TEST” session within each term to track and monitor potential performance improvements. These are in Week 1 and 10.


All runners receive the added benefits available to the entire Runlab membership Members benefits


My run group is suitable for anyone wanting a high intensity interval run session with an emphasis on the interval running component. This is however supported by a section on form and a section on core. Our runners not only do the hard running to improve and become faster but also become better-educated and aware runners at the same time. We train runners from an elite level, those wanting to improve their race times or those just wanting to become and remain extremely fit. We have a number of different session types to cater for a range of running abilities.

What is the structure of a MYTRAILGROUP term?

Term structure and Flexibility
MYRUNGROUP runs on a Term to term basis, just like MYRUNGROUP and RUNSTRONG. Participants enrol prior to a term commencing and attend the class every week over the term – there is also an option to attend the class casually. You don’t have to be enrolled in RUNSTRONG to attend MYRUNGROUP/MYTRAILGROUP visa-versa. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so if you cannot make your usual chosen MYTRAILGROUP in a particular week – simply jump into another MYRUNGROUP group.



Standards are essential to ensure that all levels of Runlab runners are training at a pace that will see them improve and 2. So that runners don’t become injured. At Mytrailgroup we cater for A, B and C level runners

A group Runner (Male Sub 12, Female Sub 12:30) 4:00, 4:10 per km
B group Runner (Male Sub 14, Female Sub 14:30) 4:40, 4:50 per km
C group Runner (Male and Female Sub 16:30) 5:30 per km

Note the times above are for a hard 3k effort and runners are not required to run that fast all the time but show potential too.



Costs are per term (10 weeks)

1* Weekly MYTRAILGROUP = $249.

Combination pricing

Add a group for $39! i.e. do mytrailgroup and for only another $39 add a weekly myrungroup.

Casual sessions = $30*

*Please check ahead if purchasing casual sessions as this group has a limit





THURSDAY 5:30pm Newcastle – (Most weeks @ Glenrock reserve)



  1. Do you run in the rain?
  2. Yes we run in the rain however must cancel sessions due to a) Severe weather warnings issued by the bureau of meteorology OR Lightening. Sessions will either me re-run at another time (if no other nearby sessions are scheduled for that week) OR runners will be able to make up the session by doing 2 sessions in another week or attending another Myrungroup that week
  3. What does a typical session look like?
    A. 10 minute warm-up jog, Drill work for 5 minutes, Main interval set for 40 minutes, TRX Core work and 5 minute cool down. Interval sets are specifically set out over the course of a term and will include sessions like 8*400m efforts with a specific recovery etc.
  4. Can I join MyRungroup part way through a term?
    A. Yes of course you can. Just get in touch and we will send you the details, we will pro-rata the cost for the remainder of the Term.
  5. I’ve seen the time standards for entry and I’m not sure if I could do that pace, is Runlab suitable for me?
    A. If you’re already running, and or have the potential to run and improve you most likely able to come. But get in touch and have a chat. We can accommodate a wide range or runners but not everyone.
  6. If I live in Sydney/Newcastle, and miss a session on one day due to other commitments, can I make it up by attending another rungroup that week?
    A. Yes definitely, we run the same session across all locations in that week – so you wont miss a thing.
  7. Do most people sign up for a term or attend casually?
    A. Most sign up to the term because you will see better results over time and its more cost effective, but we also understand life isn’t always predictable and we have people attend casually when they can.
    Q. I am not a bad runner already and wanted to know you can cater for me?
    A. Don’t worry, your coaches are some of the better runners in Australia across distances from 5km to Ultra Marathons, we will challenge you within our unique sub group interval formats and adjust recovery and distance to have you running to your potential.