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  1. Electrolytes

    Salt (or sodium) is often the key mineral that comes to mind when many individuals think of replacing electrolytes due to losses through sweat. The truth is, sweat is comprised of many minerals or electrolytes including sodium plus potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium. Each of these minerals have vital biochemical and physiological roles in the body and hence require replenishment both during and after an endurance event (or shorter training in high heat where sweat rate is high).

    The electrolytes sodium, chloride and potassium contribute to systemic hydration via their essential role in maintenance of healthy cellular water distribution and acid-base balance in the body. Furthermore, sodium assists fluid retention prior to and during a sporting event, which can reduce the need for frequent urination.4 Magnesium, sodium and potassium provide nutritional support for healthy cardiovascular function and nerve conduction.

    To help develop a fluid intake plan, both during and after exercise, athletes need to know about the magnitude of their sweat losses. The Australian Institute of Sport provides an easy formula for calculating Effective hydration strategies for sweat loss –

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