Get them running in 2021!

We have a multitude of Gift Cards available to join our sessions in 2021! You may be setting up a keen runner to have a successful running year in 2021 or you may be giving that special person just the nudge they needed to actually commit and start with Runlab. When you select and click on your desired gift voucher, you will be required to setup a Runlab Mindbdy account.

Firstly, those running with Runlab (for a full Term – this doesn’t apply to the running Analysis or 1:1 training sessions) for the first time are required to pay a joining fee. This is a once off and included in that price the runner receives a Runlab performance training singlet. You may or may not choose to select this as your gift voucher – we just wanted to give you a heads up thats all.

YOUTH (4-14 Years)

Joining Fee $49 

Young Guns Term $149

2 Weeks of Summer sessions starting 11th January (see below link for more details on the summer sessions) $79

ADULTS (All ages and levels)

Joining Fee $59

Myrungroup Term (interval running sessions on grass/ovals) $229

Mytrailgroup Term (Interval running sessions off road) $229

Mytrailgroup + Term (The Thursday PM Hunter extended off road session= Most Popular) $239

Runstrong Term (Hunter only) $159

SUMMER sessions and Term 1 2021.

For all the details on Summer sessions including the Schedule please go here

BELOW are the sessions being offered in Term 1 from 25th January