Dear runners!

To best help you prepare for your upcoming 2024 Charlies Run 4 Kids – I have put together a special Runstrong Term for anyone taking part in this years event.

This session will run every Wednesday night 6:45PM and is exclusively for Charlies runners. This is a dynamic functional strength and drill training session which will improve your running and reduce your chances of getting injured. Read more here

Starting on Wednesday the 10th of January – this session will run for 60 minutes at the Concept Gym – George street Highfields and the class will be run by Vlad Shatrov.

This will give you 9 weeks of sessions leading up to your run. The cost is $179 and this includes 10 sessions. Closer to your run we will also run an interval style running session for you too – so you get 10 epic sessions. We are flexible too, so if you cannot make a Wednesday one week, you can join the Monday 5:45pm or Wednesday 5:45pm sessions so you dont miss any sessions – You can even do two in a week if you miss sessions due to other commitments or illness.

ENTER HERE login and create a profile then under store select Charlies Runstrong Term and we will email you agead of the first session

Non Concept or Non Fitness Passport holders pay $5 per session for each Gym Visit