Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region


FRIDAY 5:45am “The Concept” Highfields

Term 4 starts week of 4th February

Runs every second Week Term 1 commencing Week 2 – There is a 5 Pass Option or Casual session option

Our Hunter Runrecovery sessions all run out of “The Concept” 16 George St, Highfields NSW 2289, the sessions goes for up to 90 minutes.

All sessions are $159 for the Term. However $5 is payable per visit to the reception upon gym entry every session (Unless you have a Fitness Passport or Concept membership)

Details below

To improve your running and take it to the next level, you must incorporate sessions into your run training schedule that will not only  complement your training but allow you to take it to the next level.  That’s why we have added RUNRECOVERY. Our RUNRECOVERY sessions are specifically designed for runners and delivered professionally, period. Accredited fitness professionals who meet the required criteria of being a Runlab coach deliver RUNRECOVERY. We realise that not only is it challenging to fit these required sessions into your training week, but also they must be customised for your running.  A group environment of like minded individuals is a huge advantage. Then add to this the expertise of structure and experience, and you create a dynamic training environment

RUNRECOVERY is a series of Mobility and Flexibility stretches and movements following 30 minutes of SPIN. You then have the option to use the recovery facilities at the gym

Mobility is a more all-encompassing practice that addresses multiple elements of an individuals range of movement that influence performance. All aspects of movement are targeted and released in this session; muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and the the joint and motor control necessary to perform a movement correctly. Attention placed on the body parts utilised in running. It incorporates various apparatus to assist individuals to target and release myofascial and soft tissue immobility and pain. This session aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. The class is broken into three sections utilising foam roller, double ball and bands.

RUNRECOVERY is a weekly session, which runs for approximately 90 minutes. The sessions follow a carefully planned and structured sequence stretches for runners. RUNRECOVERY can be taken as your only RUNLAB session of the week or added to your current MYRUNGROUP or RUNSTRONG memberships at an extremely affordable price.



Term structure and Flexibility
RUNRECOVERY runs on a Term to term basis. Participants enrol prior to a term commencing and attend the class every week over the term – there is also an option to attend the class casually. You don’t have to be enrolled in other Runlab services to attend RUNRECOVERY.


$159 for a Full Term plus $5 payable to the gym reception upon entry (if you dont have a Concept or Fitness Passport membership)

See Term 4 Fact sheet for all the details


Q. Who is the teacher?

A. Benn Coubrough and Vlad Shatrov

Q. Is any equipment required?

A. A Towel, drink bottle foam roller and double ball.

Q. What does a typical session look like?
A. 75 minutes focusing on sections of the body using Foam rollers, Bands and Balls! You will be surprised by the benefit you will gain from this session after 30 minutes of SPIN

Q. Can I join RUNRECOVERY part way through a term?
A. Yes of course you can. Just get in touch and we will send you the details, we will pro-rata the cost for the remainder of the Term.


All term Runstrong customers receive the added benefits becoming a Runlab member in addition to our weekly training sessions. If you are going to miss your planned weekly session, don’t worry – just make it up at another of the weekly sessions in your area 

Many of our customers do Myrungroup and Runstrong, whilst others choose simply to do Runstrong and incorporate it into their weekly training schedule. Your trainers are Vlad Shatrov/Scott Hingston and Benn Coubrough. A Sports towel and drink bottle are recommended for all sessions with valuables (keys) able to be secured within the gym.

To stay up to date regarding any possible class changes, keep an eye out for notifications. These notifications will be on your local Runlab Facebook page and be sent to you as a notification. If you are going to miss your planned weekly session, don’t worry – just make it up at another of the weekly sessions in your area 

 In addition to the weekly training sessions all Runlab runners receive all our members benefits!