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YOUNG Guns Term 2 updates

Hi Parents and runners!

Im very excited about Term 2! We have limited places available for our Hunter groups. If you have not registered yet, please follow the Term 2 link on the Website please – or get in touch asap.

On Tuesday Benn and myself led a great session with many runners in Glenrock. If you attended I trust that you got a lot out of this, as not only did we train 3 key components of running but also covered some of the differences between road and trail running and how the training needs to be modified. Take a look at the photos below.

This leads on well to my next point. The launch of “Project X”! Put simply “Project X” is a Winter 2018 initiative which will give Vlad (And Benn) oversight and the ability to recommend training for those young guns that are looking to take their running to the next level (In Cross Country) this Winter.

Having a 1:1 Coach for each runner isnt practical or economival and in most cases  the 1 or 2 Runlab sessions your runners are completing, together with some recommendations from us as to what they should do on the other 5-6 days of the week (Running related) will assist you and your runners immensely. All we ask is that if your runner is serious about taking their running to the next level at cross country this season you (and them) click here and complete the details.

Check back in whenever you want on the same link to see our recommendations and/or update your training and events. This is a fantastic opportunity to get insight from one of Australia’s leading runners and run Coaches!


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