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Vlads 2018 Comrades Race report

Dear Runners. Below is my latest race report. Im Vlad Shatrov and Im one of the trainers at Runlab.
I also happen to be the guy that started it a few years ago now. The vision was to be the leading
training provider for runners that wanted to "Achieveyourimpossible". And essentially thats how we
are different, but there is so much more.

Keeping this really short and sweet and mainly for the new runners that are joining us in Term 3
firstly welcome! You may not even see me though during the Term except for at the Term ending supersessions
thats because whilst I do take quite a number of groups, we do have many. And apart from Coaching
those groups, Im in a development and training role. A large part of what I do at Runlab is creating the best
way to train and ensuring we have the best Coaches to do this.

Im also a professional runner and athlete with team Salomon. I have raced around the world and
trained with and been trained by leading Coaches. Ive been able to breathe and feel what its all
about and what it actually takes - then Ive developed and created the best ways to help you be better.
Im lucky to have access to all these resources globally but I worked bloody hard for it and now you
get to benefit. With our Runstrong product, Adam Clarke and myself continue working on evolving 
this leading strength training program - and our mytrailgroup offering, well thats next level and thats 
back in Term 4. Ive had to go away and build more additions and structure and the results are proven.

Because we are so successful in coaching, we are where others come so they can learn too. But we
also collaborate and work with global brands due to our reputation. Amongst other things
we also oversee all the Blackmores running festival training! This financial year we have 
some pretty cool stuff coming, you will see that happen. In the meantime just because you come training
with us you get some incredible partner discounts all of which is detailed in the Fact sheet.

I wish you a great Runlab journey and may be lucky enough to me taking your group this Term!

Brace and fall…… except there was no graceful landing and little if any bracing

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