Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region

The Recovery Week Schedule!

Please see the sessions running in our “Recovery” Week commencing the 12th of November. Importantly there are many regular sessions NOT running or SUBSTITUTED with other sessions in this week 6.

We are performing a recovery week for your benefit in Week 6 of Term 4, 2017. There are still 10 regular weeks of training in the term but we added a bonus week, because we feel its important to expose and give the opportunity to undertake some of the other sessions we regularly run. These sessions are really what enables runners to continually improve and reduce their chances of injury.

So you are actually invited to attend one of these sessions, you can attend more if you usually do more than one session with us a week too of course, especially if your regular session has been cancelled. You are also encouraged to have a lighter running volume and intensity week.


Tuesday 5:30am Merewether RUNYOGA

Tuesday 5:45pm Maitland RUNYOGA

Wednesday 5:45pm Mayfield RUNSTRONG

Thursday 5:45am Lambton RUNRECOVERY

Thursday 5:30pm Merewether, Modified MYTRAILGROUP with Poles Demo and Water work!



Tuesday 5:45am Maroubra RUNRECOVERY

Thursday 5:45am Sutherland RUNRECOVERY

Note: Saturday Trails on as per usual

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