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The power of?

Probably could have finished that sentence with a few different words/phrases when relating it back to performance, improvement and Runlab! When I first started thinking about Runlab, it was at a time I was training well in a group of like minded super star runners. We were all achieving great times and placing at significant races. I wanted others that hadn’t experienced this in running to have the same opportunity.

The first tagline I had was Runlab – “Bringing elite to the street”! I never used it though, although I now should reconsider because we are well underway and attract just the right types of runners. You see, I was conscious that runners would be scared off from joining Runlab. So I scrapped this tagline but kept all the other facets that helped support my vision. Professional, clean, bold, confident, dynamic leaders of quality interval training. We established standards and set sail.

Its not been a simple journey, and I was constantly challenged to, relax our approach (for want of a better word), however this wouldn’t and couldn’t work. You can see we are for most levels of runners, you can see this at our groups. of course you need to be able to run to some degree, but after that everyone is welcome. The runners that continue to flourish are those (No matter of the previous form or current capability) that are trying to “Achieve their impossible”, see it all fits together!

So if you are prepared to have a go and put in the hard work, we are the perfect fit! We have built an environment that supports those wanting to do their best. Things such as the look, the education, the Coaches, the research, the sessions the influencers, the partner associations and the list goes on. Thats why I’ve been known to say “wearing the Runlab singlet just itself will make you faster”. Its true because you pull it on when you go to training, you’ve already made a comitment, you are wearing the look of success for you. Its not about me or Runlab, its you. You dont want to let yourself down when you train and compete and its part of your mindset to improve and we allow that to flourish.

So I know you mostly all have them, new runners are getting them soon. Dont “save them” put it on, see you wearing black and gold at your next session!


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