Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region

Runstrong Update

This is where its at! Injury prevention and improved efficiency. We step it up from Week 2. UpnAdam Runstrong returns in another week but for now the fantastic Thursday broadway and Wednesday Upnadam groups have kicked off the Term. Vlad reports in: Who would have thought going back to basics for session 1 would still be so intense and challenging. Ok you have been warned – Wednesdays 05:45pm warm-up 05:50pm start this week you will be thrown into it, be prepared for an intensity shift to match the correct form in our challenging sets from here on in for the Term. Im also working with Mike and we will start a second Sydney group in a few weeks, an evening in Maroubra. Tell him if you are keen. And Mike checks in: We’re back with a vengeance. We’ve upped the intensity and difficulty of our exercises but we’re making sure we’re targeting all he right things to make you a stronger runner. Good start of the term with a big group that is ready to train. This can be in the gym or in the middle of a shopping centre, these guys don’t care. Try to incorporate strength work in your running schedule. It is key to becoming a stronger and injury free runner. Please feel free to ask your coach if you want to join our Runstrong session.