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Do you want the industry leading Trail running sessions to make you the best you can be on the Trails? Are you prepared to be challenged and ultimately improve? Well we have this for you – developed by highly acclaimed trail and road running elite Athlete Vlad Shatrov together with industry leading strength & conditioning Coach Adam Clarke. Results guaranteed!

We understand what it takes to be able to improve your running and take it to the next level for not only those targeting road running events but also the ever popular trail running events, that’s why we have MYTRAILGROUP. Our Run groups are not only an Interval training session but an education on trail running, carefully built and structured by Elite runner Vlad Shatrov together with Adam Clarke from UpnAdam performance training and delivered professionally, period. Accredited fitness professionals who meet the required criteria of being a Runlab coach deliver MYTRAILGROUP. Specifically all MYTRAILGROUP coaches have completed and been marked as competent in the Runlab training course specific to Mytrailgroup. We know Running by yourself can be difficult, even those at the top of their chosen profession find that if they really want to improve and be challenged, a group environment is a huge advantage. Then add to this the expertise of structure and experience, and you create a dynamic training environment

Mytrailgroup is unique but similar to myrungroup in that it is a weekly dynamic interval based running workout, which runs for from 75 minutes. The sessions follows a carefully planned and structured sequence of form, interval speed work running and core work to allow participants to be challenged, motivated and ultimately improve by becoming faster, stronger and more aware runners. Although each weekly session during the term is unique it follows a specific structure including gradual warm-up, dynamic warm-up incorporating drills, interval running, core strengthening exercises and cool down.

Mytrailgroup participants specifically learn and practice techniques targeting not only an adaption to but improvement in

  • Up and down hill running
  • Up and down stair running
  • Long hills, single track, technical trail and more

Our sessions are run specifically in locations often requiring our Runlab “Eco pass” and as such some sessions attract additional charges. These sessions run in “running units” a combination of strength based exercises immediately followed by specific run intervals and vias-versa. There is nothing like it but to be able to overload and benefit within the allotted session time this is the most effective way of improving your trail running. Participants complete a challenging time trial in the 2nd and 10th week of our 11 week terms.

Every Runner entering the Term will receives exclusive member benefits for that term Members benefits


Term structure and Flexibility
MYTRAILGROUP runs on a Term to term basis, just like RUNSTRONG and MYRUNGROUP. Participants enrol prior to a term commencing and attend the class every week over the term – there is also an option to attend the class casually. You don’t have to be enrolled in RUNSTRONG to attend MYTRAILGROUP. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so if you cannot make your usual chosen rungroup in a particular week – simply jump into another group. We have just as many many runners who always attend the same session as those who have to swap between days or times. For planning however we ask you enter into your preferred group for the first session of the term, but from there you swap as suits.


Standard Groups
Standard groups are groups that take only A and B level runners. These groups are usually run by only 1 coach, therefore requiring a tighter spread of running abilities to be able to offer the quality of training expected. Maximum numbers for these groups is 24 runners.

Super Groups
Standard groups are groups that take A, B and C level runners. These groups are usually run by 2+ coaches, therefore allowing the three groups to be trained and supported to the quality of expected. Maximum numbers for these groups is 45 runners.

Whilst we cannot always guarantee that all runners who enter Runlab meet the criteria to enter their selected/chosen group type, we encourage this as close as possible for the benefit and safety of all runners. On the flipside of this, if there are runners close to the cut offs or who have the potential to quickly improve, coaches of respective groups are normally able to accommodate this*Group Standards


Standards are essential to ensure that all levels of Runlab runners are training at a pace that will see them improve and 2. So that runners don’t become injured.

A group Runner (Male Sub 12, Female Sub 12:30) 4:00, 4:10 per km

B group Runner (Male Sub 14, Female Sub 14:30) 4:40, 4:50 per km

C group Runner (Male and Female Sub 16:30) 5:30 per km

Note the times above are for a hard 3k road based (flat) effort and runners are not required to run that fast all the time but show potential too.


Costs are per term (11 weeks)




1* Weekly MYTRAILGROUP = $199. (This is for a standard Mytrailgroup and currently the only standard session is Maroubra Tuesday mornings. Mytrailgroup Sydney Saturday $275 or $139 for a 5 Pass and Hunter Saturday are $139 (only 5 Pass is available . Mytrailgroup Thursday Newcastle is $275

Combination pricing

  • Add a running group for $49! ie add a Myrungroup to complement your trail running session. This option available only if doing the Maroubra Mytrailgroup Term or Hunter Thursday group Term.

We also run other Super trail sessions as one off events which are detailed in EVENTS


Casual sessions = $35


CURRENT SESSIONS are listed here




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