Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region

Mytrailgroup Update

So we started off Mytrailgroup with a session of absolute relevance, short fast downhills, stairs up/down, strength and more. Carefully structured to get you results and it was rewarding to see new runners and the session start in Sydney. Vlad reports in: Damn those mozzies though, brutal! Tuesdays session was a group of 6 making the first Term appearance in Glenrock for Term 1 followed by the large Thursday night group. It was a fantastic session in training for upcoming races, Adam sends his love and will return shortly, note time trial start location Merewether this week. Its a privilege for me to be coaching 2 of these sessions on a regular basis this term. in Sydney Mike reports in:We’ve started the first trail group in Sydney and it’s quite a success. A hard session in Maroubra including hills, overloading the legs, more hills and soft sand. A great way to challenge the body and load the muscles in a different way. We’re preparing most of these guys for the UTA22 or 50 and We’ll make sure they are ready for that, Of you’re doing a regular MyRungroup but want to give the trails a try please ask your coach when the next session is and come along for free.