Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region


Q. What program do I enrol in?

A: That depends on your goals and location. Checkout the types of groups Myrungroup, Mytrailgroup, Runstrong, Elite and Young Guns. Determine what may suit you best, check the timetable to see when and where it is available (Homepage) and then enrol.

Q: How do I Enrol to a RUNLAB program

A: Check out ENROL to see how to register with RUNLAB via mindbodyonline

Q: Can I enrol at anytime?

A: Short answer is YES. We run in blocks of 10 weeks (terms) inline with the school term. Runners mostly join at the start of the term (especially if they are regular returning runners), but we have a lot of runners returning from other commitments, starting out or doing casual session that join us at anytime. Its likely best you get in touch if your joining mid-term so that we can give you the most suitable option. info@runlab.com.au


Q. Do you cancel sessions due to bad weather?

A. Yes we run in the rain however we must cancel sessions due to a) Severe weather warnings issued by the bureau of meteorology OR Lightening. Sessions will either me re-run at another time (if no other nearby sessions are scheduled for that week) OR runners will be able to make up the session by doing 2 sessions in another week or attending another Myrungroup that week. A cancellation of a session due to weather is made via the Runlab App (download this for FREE of the APP store and ensure notifications are enabled) and also via your local Facebook Group page (Every region has a Facebook Group in addition to the RUNLAB facebook page – ie: If you attend the Sydney CBD group on a Monday or Wednesday

Q. What does a typical session look like?
A. It depends on the group, but sessions run for 75 minutes (Domain Wednesday 60 minutes and Newcastle Thursday 90 minutes) are the exceptions. The session structure will include a 10 minute warm-up , Running drills and Technique or Core strength and efficiency building (for 20 minutes), the main interval set for 40 minutes, with a short cooldown. Interval sets are specifically set out over the course of a term and will include sessions such as  8*400m efforts + a tempo with a specific recovery etc. Our Interval sessions and the way we do them are challenging, get results and are seen as industry leading edge

Q. What do I bring to sessions?
A. Valuables can be secured with the Coach, hydration and a towel are suggested. Running lights are to be used at all sessions in Term 2 and 3 excluding young guns.

Q. Where do I purchase merchandise?
A. From the online store on the Website

Q. What are partner benefits?
A. Benefits you get exclusively for being part of Runlab. Its an impressive list which is constantly evolving.

Q. I’ve seen the time standards for entry and I’m not sure if I could do that pace, is Runlab suitable for me?
A. If you’re already running, and or have the potential to run and improve you most likely able to come. But get in touch and have a chat. We can accommodate a wide range or runners but not everyone.

Q. If I live in Sydney/Newcastle, and miss a session on one day due to other commitments, can I make it up by attending another rungroup that week?
A. Yes definitely, we run the same session across all locations in that week – so you wont miss a thing.
Q. I am not a bad runner already and wanted to know you can cater for me?
A. Don’t worry, your coaches are some of the better runners in Australia across distances from 5km to Ultra Marathons, we will challenge you within our unique sub group interval formats and adjust recovery and distance to have you running to your potential.

Q.How does the Term ending Time Trial Supersession work?
A. In Myrungroup, Mytrailgroup and Young Guns we run a time trial in the 1st or second session of the term and again in week 9 or 10 (depending on what races are on in that area – we do our best not to clash with the events most runners are doing), the Time Trial at the end of a Term is referred to as a “Super Session” and we cancel all or most other sessions in that week. We do this because we like to see all runners in an area come together to do the Time trial. Its an opportunity to meet fellow runners, sponsors and partners and run a time trial in a more competitive environment, perfect practice.