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Motivation – Benn Coborough

Yes its winter, it’s cold, its dark in the morning and earlier in the evening. How do you keep on track and stay motivated – read the above statement…
Beginning something new, When we start something new and or set a new goal, there is always something in life that occurs, something always happens, we all experience challenges that we have to adapt , we therefore have to be prepare for these challenges and allow for things not to goto plan and or adapt to the changes and continue to adjust and work towards building new routines and habits, It’s a process.
Plan and be prepared, not planning is planning to fail
Life is a wave and we have to ride with the waves and challenge the challenges, build strength from tackling the challenges and achieving results and build the momentum or continued progression.
We have to stop being hard on ourselves and just take it for what it is and move forward, we always get a new day and new opportunities. Stop comparing yourself and follow your own journey, we are all in different phases and built differently, respond differently to training and racing.
Self sabotage, listening to those doubt and questions, giving yourself a way out. Continue to question, focus on what you can do, what action can you take to move forward. Change will always occur, adjust and change with it, don’t fight it.
Think big picture, everything you do to build and grow, missing one thing doesn’t mean everything, you can have a bad day or workout, but doesn’t mean the next one will be bad. Same for a missed workout, its gone, move onto the next session and continue to build. Long term consistency to build long term results.
Tomorrow will always be tomorrow – take action now, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Your thoughts will not go away, they will always appear, take the action from those thoughts to align with your goals its not the thoughts its the action on the thoughts

  • Getting a goal,  A, B, C Goals,
  • Accountability by joining a group (Runlab) training partners, people with similar goals and or like minded people, write your goals down, be verbal about your goals, hear, see do, visualisation.
  • Set a training plan, Runlab Programs and Terms.
  • Be prepared to do them alone as we have different things in life and it takes hard work, as its not always easier and you will only build strength from those tough times.
  • Make it easy for yourself and schedule training when you know your get it done, make it a must do, apart of your routine to hold yourself accountable.
  • Training in the Morning – Jump out or bed first time, to trick your mind, have your gear ready and packed so you don’t have to worry about it and can just go straight into it.
  • Passionate about the progress, not just ticking all the boxes, but tracking the process and get more the training
  • Your why, aligning your goals to something that is important to you
  • Challenge yourself, having something that challenges you, will keep you focused and motivated to do the hard work and achieve it
  • Question your doubts, your thoughts – Ask yourself – “How bad do you want it” If you want it bad enough you will do the work to achieve it.
  • Dressing accordingly to the weather, its not if your wear warm clothes, once you start moving you will get warm.
  • Remember how good to feel once completing a session or a tough time to use it to challenge the thoughts the next times they will come, it again will be easier to handle the self talk.
Points 1 -5 of how to get a goal and stay on motivated.
1. Believe in yourself 
Quite often I see this. I see athletes keen to move towards their goals but somehow they just hold back that last little bit. They get a bit shy when it comes to rising above the crowd. Little things like doing pre-set activations, stretching post session, discussing technique with your coach, all make you stand out a bit and athletes become self-conscious. Don’t hold back ! Believe in yourself enough to be comfortable standing out from the crowd.
2. Communicate
Communication is the cornerstone to success whether it be with your coach or family, friends, boss, or co-workers.
Easily the best thing you can do to move you forward is to be a good communicator, with your coach, partner etc. Discuss how you are feeling. Engage in dialogue that involves working with your strengths and improving your areas of weakness.
3. Set goals 
Whether its a PB for 5km in the Park Run or 5mins off your time in a particular course on a Half Marathon, even just to complete the session, its good to set goals. Set both long term and short term goals that will keep you on track and motivated and inspired. Keep you tracking and progressing, as its a process, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, to annual goals.
4. Commit to your goals 
They are your goals, own them and commit to them. They are, after all, your goals. If you miss a session or aren’t committing fully ask yourself deeper questions about that goal.  It could be as simple as setting a smaller goal or verbally telling your co-workers, friends about your goal, or training to hold yourself committed.
5. Do your training 
Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it !!!  Just working to your training program allows progression. It allows incremental increases in volume and intensity and those incremental changes, being consistent and persistent with your training to get the adaptations to the training stimulus and you will then build and get the results. Rather than training 6 hours one week and then 1 hour the next, you will be able to build week to week that will then continue to keep you motivated, seeing results and having routine and crating the habits. It’s called work for a reason. “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds”.

As the saying goes “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”.
Benn Coubrough

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