Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region

Hunter Update

Ok Team


Never have we had such a comprehensive suite of sessions to kick off a Term. 6 weeks goes quickly, and I know many of you have kept up with the training, taken part in the Runcamp or Summer sessions etc, well done! But now its time to reset, re focus and take on the new Term ahead. Please make sure you complete the runners goals sheet referred to above in this e-news. Its the link between the coach and the runner that we dont want to miss.

The only groups we are not running is the Friday Lake Mac and Friday Runstrong groups. I hope those runners can make it to another session. We have added an additional Mytrailgroup on Tuesday mornings too.

Make sure you enter the Outer Edge comp and next week I look forward to showing you our new website too.We have the Term prizes from last year ready too and if you ordered any of the last Runlab Kit we have been promised an arrival this coming week!

Our household has had its running challenges too, notably Cheryl sustaining a serious Ankle injury on the first session of the camp! BUT the diagnosis wasn’t quite as bad and the treatment plan with Grandstand and Cheryls approach to rehab means a remarkable improvement and a start to road running this SUNDAY, thats fantastic. My training has been solid, very pleased with current form and I hope it continues along with your improvement in Term 1. High fives and hugs, see you next week.