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RUNCAMP17 by Runlab, Master Trail running in just 3 days

“Strictly limited to 48 Spots”. Register your interest in attending and we will get in touch. Full camp details here.

To have a good race you need specific training. Dont feel unprepared and unsure. Dont wonder if you are training the right way for your event. Dont wonder what nutrition requirements you need. Dont wonder how to best pack your mandatory gear, come and learn then apply and improve!

You will become a better runner, and be motivated to train for your 2017 running event – confident and prepared like never before.
• Train on the critical sections of the 6 Foot Track and UTA courses
• Learn correct trail running technique including Uphill, Downhill, stairs, and single track
• Suitable for all levels, Coached by professional athletes and coaches, the Elites will be challenged and those new to trail running will be as equally looked after
Ultra Runners of all time
• 4 Workshops will be run on the most important topics for endurance trail runners including “What and how to pack for races”, “Nutrition for endurance events” “The importance of incorporating strength training with your run training

Listen to UTA50 record holder and Runlab founder and runner Vlad Shatrov talk about the upcoming camp and how it will make you more confident about your next race. Video taken at Mini Mini Saddle during a training run 2nd December 2016

THE NEXT 10 people to enter get a Runlab running Buff and Trucker cap (valued at $50 FREE)!

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The cost of the camp is just $400! 2 nights, 3 days. On top of all the training and Workshops we have also organised Australian Ultra running legend Pat farmer to come and talk to you on Saturday afternoon! AND we have two exceptional “Bolt ons” that you can add on upon registration to maximise your own racing and training.Registrations taken up until the camp is full but to guarantee your event tee in your size you must register before 5pm Wednesday 7th December

Bolt on 1 – Personal Program Plus Lactate test

This is for anyone that is looking for a customised running program, built by Vlad Shatrov for you. Doing the Test and Consult is the best way to be able should do everyday and at what paces – specifically set to maximise your performance because you will train at the right pace to improve quickly, guaranteed! This will involve a 1:1 consult at the camp and a Lactate TEST.

Bolt on 2 – Personal hydration analysis
To achieve your best come event day, a customised approach is necessary with your hydration. Urine Specific Gravity Testing is used to objectively analyse hydration levels. Urine Specific Gravity testing is a simple test using a portable refractometer and provides feedback to the individual in relation to their hydration levels.

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MYRUNGROUP - Interval run training and technique on ovalsMYRAILGROUP -Interval run training and technique on trailsRUNSTRONG - Functional strength training for runners to improve efficiency and reduce injury