Runners of Sydney and Surrounds!

Join us for a dynamic 2 hour session on Saturday September 28th!

Vlad and Benn will run a customised session which will improve your awareness of your running form, show you how it can be improved, build strength and endurance AND practice racing all in Supersession.

Session commences at 7am SHARP.


400 Sydney Park Road Alexandria.

We will run you through a series of dynamic drills, individually film your running and provide feedback and advice on modifications if required. We will then head over to Parkrun and assist you by pacing you to hold form and an improved result. The session will then conclude with a further 30 minutes of complementary strength work.

At 9am we will catchup at the Cafe for a social catchup (details in the followup email)

Cost: $39 per person.

This includes a limited edition Runlab Co Branded visor in Black or Pink (your choice)

Note: Bring your Park run barcodeĀ  and wear Runlab singlet please. (We will bring stock for you yo purchase if you wish)


Sydney 29th September
Focus: Technique + Runstrong


Simply click on the above link (new to Runlab you will need to create an account). Go to and scroll down and select the Sydney Session. All participants will be emailed final instructions in the week leading up to the event.