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TCS New York Marathon with Runlab bought to you by ATT

Anna and Nick from ATT have partnered up with Runlab to take a group of runners to this years NYC Marathon. With 14 Runlabbers confirmed as going (As of the 1st January) we expect that up to 25 may take up this offer.


The package is for 5 nights and includes guaranteed Race entry and accomodation (with a Kitchen) on top of all the benefits of going with a registered travel provider. The deal is extremely good value for this Marathon and its an opportunity to quickly consider and commit too. Whilst its organised by the ATT team who are also taking a group of their own runners from Adelaide, you will be able to spend as much or as little time as you like with the actual group!

Vlad says: Hey Runlabbers, this is value for money and peace of mind – to a must do Marathon. Ill be going and Id love you to take up this opportunity too. Nick and Anna have done this many times before and apart from all the inclusions already noted, they also have an organised bus to the race and waiting area (in a Cafe right near the start) organised on race morning, speaking from those that have done this race, thats an awesome inclusion. Unlike others you wont have to wait our in the cold for hours on race morning. This is also an opportunity for me to tick off No.5 of the World Majors with only Boston remaining after this!

Steps to take now

Below are the steps to register runners within your group with Adventure Time Travel for the TCS New York Marathon 2019:


  1. Interested Runners need to complete the Registration of Interest Form (ROIF) found athttps://adventuretimetravel.com.au/tcs-new-york-city-marathon/tcs-new-york-city-registration-2019/ . Each participant needs to click on the link and nominate they will be a part of a group then in the groups section.  They need to select Run Lab from the drop down menu. As mentioned we will cross reference lists so that we make sure all runners are allocated to you. It’s OK if the are unsure of what accommodation they would like at this stage, if they just tick what they think they would like. This will be confirmed at a later date.


  1. Deposit of a non-refundable $500,  need to be paid with completed registration form – full account details for payment found on weblink provided above.


  1. A receipt of deposit will be sent to each runner with amount left to be paid, full payment to be due 1 March 2019.


  1. As marathon ticket allocation is strictly managed by NYRR and there are limited amounts of tickets available we will prioritise runners in order of deposits received. Note we are now accepting deposits for those that chose to be at the top of the list. (once ATT allocation of tickets have been exhausted we will contact each group leader to let them know)


  1. Subject to us being having tickets left or being able to secure more from NY (not that easy) later registrations are possible.

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