Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter Region


We understand what it takes to be able to help junior runners improve and maintain their enthusiasm for running activities that’s why we have YOUNG GUNS. Our YOUNG GUNS sessions incorporate elements of Interval training together with agility and technique drills and some strength and conditioning work to help younger runners improve. More than that we place an emphasis on educating young runners in a fun and relaxed environment. Sessions are carefully built and structured by Elite runner Vlad Shatrov and delivered professionally, period.


We know Running by yourself can be difficult, even those at the top of their chosen profession find that if they really want to improve and be challenged, a group environment is a huge advantage. Then add to this the expertise of structure and experience, and you create a dynamic training environment.

YOUNG GUNS is a weekly running workout, which runs for approximately 60 minutes. The sessions follow a carefully planned and structured sequence of form, interval running, and basic strength exercises to allow young runners of varying abilities to be challenged, motivated and ultimately improve by becoming faster, stronger and more aware runners. Although each weekly session during the term is unique it follows a specific structure including gradual warm-up, dynamic warm-up incorporating drills, running, strengthening exercises a cool down – and of course lots of FUN!

Members benefits





Whats Included in YOUNG GUNS

Term structure and Flexibility
YOUNG GUNS runs on a term to term basis, just like our other offerings, each term is 10 weeks. Participants enrol prior to a term commencing and attend the class every week over the term – there is also an option to attend the class casually. .

Accredited fitness professionals who meet the required criteria of being a Runlab coach deliver YOUNG GUNS. Specifically all YOUNG GUNS coaches have completed and been marked as competent in the Runlab training course specific to YOUNG GUNS and have clearance to work with children. Coaches for the Newcastle group are Vlad and Cheryl Shatrov

Group Standards and Age requirements
Standards are essential to ensure that all levels of YOUNG GUN runners get the most out of their sessions. Whilst difficult to specify exactly, if your YOUNG GUNNERS are into running activities in their normal daily lives, they will most likely fit in just fine.We cater for runners aged 7-13, who are interested in running and would like to improve. In Particular we are specialists in developing runners for Cross Country and distance track events.


YOUNG GUNS gives you the following benefits from $20/session

Term cost 1x Weekly YOUNG GUNS = $129.
Casual sessions = $20

Double up 2X Weekly YOUNG GUNS = $160. (Thats only $39 extra for the Term)


Tuesday 4pm Newcastle West (Fearnley Dawes Centre)

Thursday 4pm Newcastle (This is a Trail running session )

Friday 4pm Central Coast Budgewoi (Slade Park)




Q. What does a typical session look like?
A. 5 minute warm-up jog, Drills and Activation exercises and games for 15 minutes, interval set for 20 minutes, suitable functional body strength work and 5 minute cool down. Interval sets are specifically set out over the course of a term and will include sessions suitable for varying abilities.

Q. Can I join YOUNG GUNS part way through a term?
A. Yes of course you can. Just get in touch and we will send you the details, we will pro-rata the cost for the remainder of the Term.

Q. I’ve seen the time standards for entry and I’m not sure if I could do that pace, is Runlab suitable for me?
A. If you’re already running, and or have the potential to run and improve you most likely able to come. But get in touch and have a chat. We can accommodate a wide range or runners but not everyone.

Q. Do most people sign up for a term or attend casually?
A. Most sign up to the term because you will see better results over time and its more cost effective, but we also understand life isn’t always predictable and we have people attend casually when they can.